Let’s Learn Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Learn Affiliate Marketing Online with Your Computer

When I first started to learn affiliate marketing, it was a concept that was totally new to me. In the past I had dabbled with online income ideas, some were fruitful and others not. For those of you who are reading this and would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing and earn some extra income, I am going to share a few of the first steps I took as I started my new business venture online.

1. Choose a Niche You Are Passionate About

Here’s how to get started. Step one is you’ve got to pick a topic. When I started working on my side business, I needed to come up with a good topic. I realized that the best topic or niche is one that I would have an interest in. I learned that the easiest way to pick a topic is to go to the Google Search Bar and type in “Google My Activity”. Google will tell you what you have spent time searching. Maybe it was a hobby, or maybe it was a question or problem you needed an answer for. This is an excellent way to get a list of areas of your interest and you’ll find that there really is no limit to what you can share with others. If it was something you spent time searching, it was either something that was interesting enough to you, or important enough to research that you put real time into it.

The next step is to package up the information you learned from your search into any sort of content that would be helpful to someone else so they can research it faster or better, then you will be creating value that will last for years to come. You need to define your niche and narrow down your target market, which means your niche can’t be all things to all people.

2. Research Available Affiliate Programs and Products Online

Once you have decided on a topic, you will need to research available affiliate products or services that match your niche. There are many companies that offer affiliate programs and you will need to decided which programs will work best with your website. Ask Google for the “best affiliate program” or “where can I find affiliate products to promote” and you will find a wide variety of choices. You will also need to choose between selling to consumers or business.

3. Build an Attractive Website

Your next step is to build a website or begin writing a blog. You’ll need a dedicated web domain, a name for your website. I highly recommend purchasing a “.com” domain as they are worth more if you ever decide to sell your website. A domain is like real estate on the web, a good name has value and as you build your affiliate marketing website, the value will increase as you build traffic.

There are many ways to get started building your website and tools that you will need. There will be associated costs to starting any business.  When I began, I used an affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate. This platform provided everything free to get started, high quality training and support on how to build an attractive website, including how to set up your website so the search engines will find it and rank it. I found the research tools indispensable. The keyword search tool helped me to create powerful lists of keywords in preparation for writing content. I could even search and find relevant affiliate programs in my niche. The blog writing tool guided my first attempts in producing content, which is our next step to discuss.
I still use this platform today.

4. Write Interesting and High Quality Content

Now here’s where the rubber begins to meet the road. In this step, you will begin to create content by writing about your chosen niche. Be sure to focus on providing quality information. Your content must include the keywords about your topic in your list. Of course you will include the products or services that match your topic, but be careful to provide non-sales information, as your audience will want to be sold all the time. Also, do not overuse your keywords, as the search engines will look negatively on this. The title, introduction and conclusion should include your keywords for a good balance.

If you picked a good niche, you should have plenty of space to write good articles. A narrow enough niche will help you get noticed by the search engines but too narrow of a niche may present a challenge in coming up with enough ideas to write about. As you get started, don’t worry too much about this. At the beginning, my problem was coming up with too many topics, I had to focus on just one niche. Once I chose my niche and began to produce content, my confidence grew as well as my writing skills. You don’t have to be a perfect author to publish your content, just be authentic.

5. Work on Attracting an Audience

Learning to attract an audience takes time and patience. It happens with consistent daily effort. I set my goal to have a passive income that replaces my day job in 12 months. While affiliate marketing can be accomplished part-time, it takes real work and you will need to do research as well to improve your internet marketing skills. Traffic is the life-blood of any business, not everyone will buy from you but enough people will and that is all you need to have a viable business with a good income.

6. Promote Your Affiliate Products to Others

Now that you have your website set up, content is being published almost daily and you are building traffic, this step is all about deciding how you will promote your affiliate products to your audience. One effective way is to run a review blog of your products. I have always enjoyed reviewing products that I was considering purchasing. This kind of content is extremely helpful and there are affiliate websites that bring in thousands of dollars using this method of promotion. If you enjoy shooting videos, putting content on YouTube is a great way to build traffic. Everyone loves to watch a video, so why not include those links of your videos in your blog articles.

7. Repeat Each Step on a Continual Basis

This final step speaks for itself. All you need to do is repeat steps 1-6 until you find the success you are looking for!

Making Your First Sale — Finally! 🙂

As you learn Affiliate Marketing, I found reaching small milestone along the way very fulfilling. You will always remember the day when your website finally ranks on the first page of Google. Then the day when you make your first sale and instead of goose eggs, there are real numbers in the commission column. Persistence does pay off and you will know that you are on your way when you accomplish these first milestones.  The best part is you can repeat them again and again. I wish you much success as you start to learn Affiliate Marketing step by step and I look forward to seeing your success!





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