Free Affiliate Marketing Website

Free Affiliate Marketing Website

Ever wonder how you could earn money with your own website? How about starting with a free affiliate marketing website on Wealthy Affiliate? They provide a road map and it’s a simple one to follow. But first, I’ve got a short story to tell you what happened to me.

My Short Story

Years ago, I was listening to the radio one evening and a commercial came on about how to earn some extra income with a home business. This was back in 2005. I was searching for a way, so the next day I called that number. I ended up join that company (it cost me $600!) and for the next 10 years I built a home business with them. Yes, I made some money, but it cost a lot of money to start and also to keep this business running. After 12 years had passed, I found something called Wealthy Affiliate. I wish I found this first!

I researched and found out that Wealthy Affiliate is the REAL DEAL. I joined for free and I really liked the fact that all I had to do is provide my email address. Where can you find a way out there today, where it doesn’t cost any money to start and begin on the road to making money online? Right away, you’ll be provided a free affiliate marketing website with your Wealthy Affiliate account. The supportive community contained in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the tools that are included, you are making a big step forward on your goals. You’ve got everything you need to be successful online here.

Online Entrepreneur Certification

When you first start, you’ll begin with a user-friendly 10-lesson course that is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1. This starter course will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. Take it seriously even if you are an experienced affiliate marketer because this course is your first step to realizing your potential as a very successful online business owner. If you don’t already own a website or domain name, you’ll have an opportunity to set up your free account and choose your first website name and decide on the niche that you will be targeting online.

Free Affiliate Marketing Website Builder

Without customers, you will have nobody to advertise to or sell to. Within the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate you’ll start to see how easy it is to build a website and how to use the best traffic techniques. This will get you an ABUNDANCE customers that are very interested in what you have to offer. Wealthy Affiliate is huge, its members actually OWN Google rankings, therefore their websites own an enormous share of ALL online traffic. This is a true fact.

Your job right now as a new or experienced affiliate marketer is to keep working on the Getting Started – Level 1 training. Spend time everyday working on the next step of getting your website ready for search engines. Here’s the link again to it: Work on It Here

Expert Business Coaching and Support

You can rub shoulders with millionaire marketers who you’ll meet in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is where all the “who’s who” of the Affiliate Marketing on the Internet world work and hang out. You will have the opportunity to contact and communicate with these successful business owners directly as well as with over 100,000’s of people who are just like you, those that are up and coming future success stories, and many already UBERsuccessful entrepreneurs in their own fields. Wealthy Affiliate works for everyone because the entire community desires for you to become as successful as they are and they will help you.

The Most Helpful Community in the World

Did you ever try to start something new when there was nobody around to assist you? The biggest waste of time is making the same errors that everyone makes at the beginning. It is much faster to use a time-proven path that is tested and works. Also, one of the most difficult aspects of building a new business online is finding someplace where you can get the right answers when you need it.

The Wealthy Affiliate community allows you to tap and have access to a whole host of people with a myriad of skills and expertise. We are an online community that will be there for you every day and you’ll find people who truly care. People from all over the world are on Wealthy Affiliate, so you’ll find the community is active 24 hour a day/7 days a week. The support you get from the Wealthy Affiliate Community is unparalleled. I’ve never found another platform out there that will support a new person as much as Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy – Advanced Keyword Tool

You’ll have one of the top keyword search tools developed by the Wealthy Affiliate Team available to you for free to help you find the right keywords for your website. Finding the right keywords is the heart of success online. Everyday millions of keywords are searched by people and you need to find the hottest keywords to be able to tap into these people. You’ll find the right keywords for your blogs and website with Jaaxy. You’ll learn how to use Jaaxy to it’s full effectiveness which will give you an entire tool belt of online marketing skills that your competition will envy over.

Full Time Income Streams on Your Website

There are multiply ways to monetize a website. You’ll learn how to incorporate these programs that will provide weekly, monthly and yearly commissions. Or get paid by placing “ads” on your website. To earn any kind of full time income streams from your website, you will need to work to build traffic. The Wealthy Affiliate platform will support this kind of growth and provide guidance on how to best utilize these programs so you can benefit from them in numerous ways.

A Business Platform Made for You

Excited to get started? You can have your free affiliate marketing website up and running today. It’s that fast and easy.  See you inside.

Get Rolling Here!

I’ll be working on my websites too, so let me know any questions you have along the way. To your online success!


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